We believe each company can learn to solve their own problems without help of consultants

Depending on the definition used, the estimated turnover of the consultancy sector in business services is between 100 and 300 billion dollars. We are also consultants, but we are convinced this is too much. Too often consultants are hired without:

  • the problem has been worked out properly
  • it is clear who is responsible for it
  • enough thought has been given to possible solutions

We believe that organizations can learn to do this themselves! Only then solutions will have sufficient support and responsibility’s can be taken. As a result solutions can actually be implemented.

In today’s society (digitization, ever faster communication, climate change, energy transition, Brexit, etc.) the ability to respond quickly to changes is necessary to survive as a company. A new storm is already building before the previous one has died down. Companies go from one  reorganization to another reorganization. 

In most cases expensive consultants are involved from the start and employees are waiting for what will happen. Don’t get us wrong, certain specific issues may require external expertise. But it’s a matter of time before it becomes unaffordable when your teams are unable to do a large part themselves. When they are unable to do his, you can never put the consultants you hire directly to work with a clear assignment!

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