We value open communication,
let’s work together.
Free spirits are more productive.
Take it!
If work isn’t fun, you are not
playing on the right team.
Win win
We aren’t done until we are all happy with the results and can celebrate them together.
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Our core values are Transparency, Freedom, Responsibility, Fun and Win Win. Everything we do, we do according to these values.

Just as we believe it’s important for us to know who you are and how you approach your business, we also believe it’s important for you to know who we are and how we approach ours.

Here you’ll learn about the people, culture and capabilities that make our company unique. If you want to know more about certain team members and what makes them tick, just click on a photo to view their profile.

Once you take the time to find out what we’re all about, we’re confident you’ll like what you see.

in loving memory of our friend and founder : Sander Dikken. 16 juli 1981 - 11 mei 2020

Why current?

It all started with our founder who was a business consultant / surf coach / lifeguard who decided being self-employed was the next step to take. As a lean trained professional his first challenge was to find a name that made sense for all of these activities. One registration at the chamber of commerce instead of 3 was the first quick win! After some brainstorming the name ‘current’ suited best to combine all activities.

While traveling or in business there are currents to be found everywhere. Whether it’s the rip current that takes you straight out to the ocean, the jetstream affecting flight time, the flow of files within an administrative process or the ‘undercurrent’ that needs attention when a change in culture is realized.

In loving memory of our dear friend and founder

Sander Dikken

16 juli 1981 – 11 mei 2020

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